Welcome to the Garden
Silk Road Flowers
by Far'ha

Inspired by the folkloric dances of the Silk Road and the Gypsy trails, Flowers by Far'ha are more than just fashion accessories. Flowers by Far'ha play with color, texture, light, and — as the flamencos would say — Aire! Combining those elements with style, grace and panache, we also play with attitude, mood and expression to find the flower just right for you.

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In Announcements below, you'll find notable updates, new products, works-in-progress, etc.

In the Galleries you'll find just a few of the over 1400 one-of-a-kind Silk Road Flowers by Far'ha. To inspire your ideas, the galleries are organized by seasons and groupings:

Fall/Winter Luscious, deep jewel and earth tones, holiday wear, Red Hat fancies
Spring/Summer Lighter and brighter colors, attitudes, and styles! Pink Hat options
Leaves Focus on the leaf, sculpted lines. Ideal for men's hats, women executives and others who want to accessorize without going Frilly Frou-frou.
Fascinators From feminine to outrageous, mini-hats with flowers and netting, Fairy Crowns, and head bands!
Special Occasion Suitable for Bridal, Prom, Galas or just simply Gorgeous!
Other Some things just refuse to be categorized. Here's where to find Bead Kabobs, Keepsake Hearts, Jewelry Testimonials Customers send the nicest words & photos!


March 30, 2012:

Finally! I'm on Facebook!

Now, if you like my work, you can also Like my Page! Find it at www.facebook.com/Flowersbyfarha. In addition to posting more detailed information about multi-artist studio events such as May Day! or my Artist Demo at Museum of Contemporary Craft, I'll also be posting more images on Facebook, including the albums Beautiful Bargains and dance photos of The Dancer Behind the Needle & Thread.

March 4, 2012:

Save the dates!

Found a box of jewelry inventory that had been MIA since a show last year. Because I had to increase production to make up for the loss, this otherwise happy discovery means I now have way too much jewelry on hand. So, my "un-loss" is your gain. Time for a major Spring Cleaning Sale! Saturday - Sunday, March 17-18, 2012.

January 13, 2012:

The Procrastinators' Sale was a great success and lots of fun. These Open Studio shows really show off the studio in "show mode" but sometimes people wonder what it is really like as a working studio. So, I've decided to hold "Sunday Salons" which will be a type of Open Studio aka "clean enough for public view work mode." Inventory will still be accessible for view and purchase, and supplies will also be accessible so we can pull things out for consideration for custom orders. First one up is Sunday, January 29th.

Until Further Notice:

Although I have suspended maintaining my online shops in favor of focusing on other matters, I am happy to create reserved listings for you if you prefer an online shopping experience in my Etsy or SilkFair shops.

Previous Announcements

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